At The Heart of How We Work

Be the change that you wish to see in the world.

Mahatma Gandhi

We want to make a difference with beverages that are better for you.

We believe that little things add up to be big things. Do a little bit better each day and you will be a little bit better.

At AYYA, our goal is to supply the brands and choice of beverages that people love, to give a better alternative, and help live healthier and happier.

Guided by values

We live our values every day. They guide how we work.

Handshake quality

We believe in relationships based on trust to form bonds with customers, partners, and colleagues around the globe.

Caring for community

We show compassion and caring for others and we are socially responsible.

Sense of urgency

We conduct our work with intensity and speed. We make fact-based decisions and huddle fast.

Focus on results

We think with the end in mind. We never ignore facts and results. Instead, we learn and adjust.

The power of partnerships to deliver rapid results

We believe in partnerships. In the past, when entering a new market, it has often taken too long to see results, often years. We are working to change that. We are working to be more efficient. We need to achieve results quickly.

We can enter our markets and be up and running in weeks or months, not years. Our organisation is tailored to our partner network so we can activate execution power right from the start.